Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Lovely people.

So.. I am going on holiday in two weeks! To the beautiful Lanzergrotty! I actually can't wait, despite my slander of the name of my chosen holiday destination. I'm most excited to get out of this bloody awful and boring country. Get away from my Wednesday nights watching the bloody Apprentice -as much as I LOVE it. I'm excited to become a little less pale, because its getting to the point where I look in the mirror and see and ill ghost... covered in talcum powder. The most absolutely exciting part of my holiday however, is the fact that I now have enough spending money! A lovely, lovely person I work with gave me an amazing gift which has made sure my holiday will be comfortable and for one week I wont have to act like a pauper! It's just really nice to know that there are some genuinely kind people out there. Its made my month! :)    

Friday, 3 February 2012

The D word

DENTISTRY. This is what the majority of my life consists of now. Okay so 8.20 in the morning until 5.45 at night, monday to friday, I am a dental nurse. Am I enjoying it?
Well... I do find it totally exciting seeing a new mouth every 20 minutes and just gawping at the little bits of plaque and the wild variety of tongues. Yes, this is what excites me these days. However in spite of my thrill, I can't help but feel abit unfulfilled sometimes, like Im just wasting a year because theres nothing better to do. I know for a fact that this qualification will benefit me, but I just see everyone else my age having a fantastic time at Uni or earning loads of money working. Then heres me, on less money that people at Uni and working more than those 'earning loads' guys. DEPRESSION! So hopefully by September this will all be sorted when I possibly get into Teeside University (Which I have an interview for) and I'll be eating midlesborough fried chicken for the next 3 years mmmmyay

Friday, 27 May 2011

Ultimate checklist

Heart broken

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Blast from the not so disant past.

Wow Ive just found this in my documents from about... 6 months ago I'd say, considering I'm still a McDonald's whore in it. Its a shame I didn't finish it really, I was quite engrossed!


Employment is the biggest stress of life. Actually... That's a slight exaggeration, however it is way up there and a strong contender with University, A levels and my social life, which at the moment is a bit dull. All I ever seem to do is coursework/homework, when I'm not doing this Im revising, when Im not revising Im on Ucas banging my head against a screen, when Im not doing that Im in work and when Im not being enslaved by Mc Donald's, I'm asleep. Yes, its fair to say my life is pretty hectic at the minute. I love it though, despite all the rushing to grow up, to move away, to become my own person. In fact there the very things I love about it, no matter how much I whine, and wish I was a kid again! I still feel like a child sometimes, I just have no direction, my occupational choice has seemed to change every 6 months. Oh! The list of jobs is endless and highly contrasting! Police woman, Solicitor, Barraster, Child Psychologist, Engineer, Dentist, Journalist! And here I am now at this stage of complete confusion. I love the idea of journalism because to be honest I find writing sublime and very moorish so what better career? However the M word ruins all my plans, as with every other dream I have. Money! I could scream every time somebody tells me I'll be hopelessly poor as a journalist! Its times like these I could use a lottery win. Yes, I think that would suit me just fine, A few million pounds in my back pocket. Of course I'd spend a third of my winnings on clothes and such. However the rest, ah that I would use to fund my glamorous life as a journalist. Obviously. Until then Ill have to stick to my £3.39 an hour and embark on my English with Psychology course in university (considering on weather I get in).

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Can't / Can

Can't stop smiling.
Can waste time on msn.
Can't concentrate.
Can feel the cold.
Can't sleep at night.
Can sleep in the morning... and all day
Can't eat.
Can daydream.
Can't believe my luck.
Can see the moon at 2 pm
Can't be pessimistic.
Can be optimistic.
Can't wait to get an offer from uni.
Can wait to sit my January exams.
Can't believe I've found someone.
Can use my 25% off discount in Outfit.
Can't get over the fact that its Christmas in 16 days!

Peace =)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

October 24th.

Sunday evening, and unusually I am exhausted! Three hours of broken sleep followed by 4 miles of walking through the blistering October cold accompanied by a few uncomfortable social encounters, does not result in a happy Louise. So now I'm lying here in bed, a glass of water permanently glued to my lips to soothe my head, just reflecting on the days events. Good day. Stressful day but good nevertheless.

I rekindled my love for Ray man. Yes, the little man who's hands and feet aren't even attached to his tiny bean shaped body. Not to mention his neck (or lack of as it where). So when I found Ray man 2 in my friends house stacked away next to 'Dogz 5' and a video of Pavarotti, I had to have it. I have to say it made my day! Until I got it home put it in my laptop and it didn't work. Bummer. Oh Ray man, you're not made for these new-age laptops, you'll just have to stay in the past with Spiro and the Teken crew. Good bye.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Okay so Ive been grounded for the past couple of weeks, but it feels like at least the last 6 months. And you know what I really realised how much I depend on my phone and laptop, I felt completely lost, I had to resort to the land line and since i only remembered one of my friends numbers, i was down to one friend for one whole mind numbing week. I was dreaming of facebook walls and accompanied by the ding of a message received from MSN and it was truly beautiful. The worst part of it is, i really don't depend on those things anymore so now they are completely rubbish in comparison to the comfort they used to give me. Its like the feeling you get when you realise Christmas was so much better when you're five years old getting all these crazy toys, than when you're Seventeen and getting oh I don't know... socks. Yeah thanks nan. Anyway Im over facebook, Im over MSN, Im over the Internet, Google has been dumped. Now i like to go for walks and socialise with the same people but face to face. So aside from the gruelling bordom i was lumbered with when grounded, I actually learned some things for once! I was a complete tech addict! Which is kind of sickening, Im one of those cliched teenagers on the computer, headphones in listening to "rock&roll" (too loud) whilst texting and watching the TV between glances. Grim or what? So please switch off your computer, leave your mobile at home, and go out, I know I am. With my Ipod of course, because I literally cannot manage more than a 10 minute walk without that, that's one thing that i will never give up!