Sunday, 24 October 2010

October 24th.

Sunday evening, and unusually I am exhausted! Three hours of broken sleep followed by 4 miles of walking through the blistering October cold accompanied by a few uncomfortable social encounters, does not result in a happy Louise. So now I'm lying here in bed, a glass of water permanently glued to my lips to soothe my head, just reflecting on the days events. Good day. Stressful day but good nevertheless.

I rekindled my love for Ray man. Yes, the little man who's hands and feet aren't even attached to his tiny bean shaped body. Not to mention his neck (or lack of as it where). So when I found Ray man 2 in my friends house stacked away next to 'Dogz 5' and a video of Pavarotti, I had to have it. I have to say it made my day! Until I got it home put it in my laptop and it didn't work. Bummer. Oh Ray man, you're not made for these new-age laptops, you'll just have to stay in the past with Spiro and the Teken crew. Good bye.

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  1. Ah yes gotta love old style games. Spyro was my fave! x