Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Blast from the not so disant past.

Wow Ive just found this in my documents from about... 6 months ago I'd say, considering I'm still a McDonald's whore in it. Its a shame I didn't finish it really, I was quite engrossed!


Employment is the biggest stress of life. Actually... That's a slight exaggeration, however it is way up there and a strong contender with University, A levels and my social life, which at the moment is a bit dull. All I ever seem to do is coursework/homework, when I'm not doing this Im revising, when Im not revising Im on Ucas banging my head against a screen, when Im not doing that Im in work and when Im not being enslaved by Mc Donald's, I'm asleep. Yes, its fair to say my life is pretty hectic at the minute. I love it though, despite all the rushing to grow up, to move away, to become my own person. In fact there the very things I love about it, no matter how much I whine, and wish I was a kid again! I still feel like a child sometimes, I just have no direction, my occupational choice has seemed to change every 6 months. Oh! The list of jobs is endless and highly contrasting! Police woman, Solicitor, Barraster, Child Psychologist, Engineer, Dentist, Journalist! And here I am now at this stage of complete confusion. I love the idea of journalism because to be honest I find writing sublime and very moorish so what better career? However the M word ruins all my plans, as with every other dream I have. Money! I could scream every time somebody tells me I'll be hopelessly poor as a journalist! Its times like these I could use a lottery win. Yes, I think that would suit me just fine, A few million pounds in my back pocket. Of course I'd spend a third of my winnings on clothes and such. However the rest, ah that I would use to fund my glamorous life as a journalist. Obviously. Until then Ill have to stick to my £3.39 an hour and embark on my English with Psychology course in university (considering on weather I get in).

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