Friday, 3 February 2012

The D word

DENTISTRY. This is what the majority of my life consists of now. Okay so 8.20 in the morning until 5.45 at night, monday to friday, I am a dental nurse. Am I enjoying it?
Well... I do find it totally exciting seeing a new mouth every 20 minutes and just gawping at the little bits of plaque and the wild variety of tongues. Yes, this is what excites me these days. However in spite of my thrill, I can't help but feel abit unfulfilled sometimes, like Im just wasting a year because theres nothing better to do. I know for a fact that this qualification will benefit me, but I just see everyone else my age having a fantastic time at Uni or earning loads of money working. Then heres me, on less money that people at Uni and working more than those 'earning loads' guys. DEPRESSION! So hopefully by September this will all be sorted when I possibly get into Teeside University (Which I have an interview for) and I'll be eating midlesborough fried chicken for the next 3 years mmmmyay

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