Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Okay so Ive been grounded for the past couple of weeks, but it feels like at least the last 6 months. And you know what I really realised how much I depend on my phone and laptop, I felt completely lost, I had to resort to the land line and since i only remembered one of my friends numbers, i was down to one friend for one whole mind numbing week. I was dreaming of facebook walls and accompanied by the ding of a message received from MSN and it was truly beautiful. The worst part of it is, i really don't depend on those things anymore so now they are completely rubbish in comparison to the comfort they used to give me. Its like the feeling you get when you realise Christmas was so much better when you're five years old getting all these crazy toys, than when you're Seventeen and getting oh I don't know... socks. Yeah thanks nan. Anyway Im over facebook, Im over MSN, Im over the Internet, Google has been dumped. Now i like to go for walks and socialise with the same people but face to face. So aside from the gruelling bordom i was lumbered with when grounded, I actually learned some things for once! I was a complete tech addict! Which is kind of sickening, Im one of those cliched teenagers on the computer, headphones in listening to "rock&roll" (too loud) whilst texting and watching the TV between glances. Grim or what? So please switch off your computer, leave your mobile at home, and go out, I know I am. With my Ipod of course, because I literally cannot manage more than a 10 minute walk without that, that's one thing that i will never give up!


  1. I completely agree Lou, having a week down in Devon with zero signal, zero charge and no internet and just a telly with free view was bliss. We did so much, like seeing the caves, walking up a bloody mountain and just having my camera with me. I loved it so much. This is the first time in two weeks that I've actually looked at something electrical apart from my DS and camera and when I watched Vexed on the television. I remember when my mum grounded me from the internet rom November to March once in like year 8 because I was so reliant on the internet. & When my mum decided to let me go on it again, I didn't feel the need to go on it as much. Then I found blogging, and it went out the window. I think I'll make a post of this to be honest. Glad to see you are alive!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Aimee, Im glad to be alive and off the internet drug! Speak soon x x x