Sunday, 1 August 2010


Beautiful british summer.
So here it is all done, it took me all night but I did it! I'm so pleased with myself its unbelievable. Anyway its now half one in the morning and I just wanted to throw this first little entry out there to get the ball rolling so to speak. Well its now officially August and Ill be honest this isnt how I pictured August 2010. I thought it would be this lovely picturesque summer, glaring sunlight, going on adventures everyday, drinks in the garden, sunbathing for hours on end with 'A handmaids tail' (I still havent finished it but so far its excellent). No this summer has been dismal, grey and horrible. It has probably worked out the most misserable time of year because at least in the winter I see my friends everyday in school, but now im just stuck in with the rain pounding against the window, day in day out! Some holiday! So its fair to say im looking forward to the begining of the end of my school years. Year 13 here I come!

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